Hair Myths…Busted!

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There are a lot of “hair care” myths out there, so today we want to discuss a few. Discovering the truth will help you logically combat those hair woes. Below, we will discuss the top “myths” we hear so often at our NYC hair salon in Soho.

Hair Myth: Plucking Gray Hairs Bring Back More

Myth #1: You hair can “get used to” certain products.

False. If you’ve been using the same products forever and then suddenly your hair is lack luster, don’t run out and get a new set of products. Hair in fact doesn’t get used to shampoos/conditioners or products. Truthfully some products leave build-up and residue, which changes the feeling of the hair. Try a clarifying shampoo once a week to rid your hair of buildup.


Myth #2: Your hair changes with time.

True, especially for women. Which is why it’s important you change with it. Adjusting your hair care and style routine with time is key. The same products and method you used when you were 20 might not work for you when you’re 30. Hair changes every 5-7 years. As you move into adulthood and older the body matures along with the hormones in your body. You might produce less keratin (the protein that makes hair soft) or melanin (the complex polymer that’s responsible for color) over time. This can effect hair texture, thickness, and/or color.


Myth #3: Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.

True and false. This is more of an illusion. Hair grows on average, ½ inch per month. If your hair was trimmed every 6-8 weeks it would feel like your hair was growing faster because you would never have any frayed or split ends. Split ends makes the hair appear thinner at the ends, once they are cut off, the hair appears fuller and thicker.

Hair Myth: Trimming Your Hair Often Helps It Grow

Myth #4: If you pluck out a gray hair, more will grow back.

False. It is in fact just an old wives tale. There’s no harm in plucking out one gray hair, but it also does not do much good overtime, especially if you’re plucking daily. Plucking the grey indeed rids of it however, only temporarily. The pulled out hair or follicle (the tube at the base of the hair strand) is alive and will grow another hair in replacement. Don’t worry though, it does not summon all the surrounding hairs to turn gray! But if you’re a serious plucker, you may damage the follicle to the point it does not grow back at all, causing a bald spot. The best option is to ignore the grays or pay a visit to The Drawing Room to see a colorist for a root touch up to disguise.


Myth #5: Shampooing and brushing your hair makes it fall out.

False. Shampooing, towel drying, and brushing hair is associated with hair falling out because that’s when you see it or notice it most, but is not the cause of hair loss. Similar to how your skin cells turn over, your hair goes through phases of sprouting, growing, and falling out. Women shed on average 100 follicles a day! Shampooing is designed for one single task: cleansing the hair and scalp of excessive natural oils, body sweat, and environmental impurities. During the shampoo process, hair might fall out and you notice it, because it’s in your hands! Towel drying should be done lightly. When your hair is wet, your hair strands are in a weaker state especially if you use hot water to wash your hair. Towel drying should be kept to a minimum because it can cause breakage, or use a towel wrap to dry hair. Brushing or combing aggressively or too often can put a lot of physical stress on the hair fiber, causing it to break or strip away. Best practices: comb with conditioner and brush lightly with the correct brush for your hair type.

Hair Myth: You Lose More Hair After You Shower

Don’t fret. Follow this simple tips on best hair care practices & healthy hair will become achievable!



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