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Blake Lively trims her own split ends… But maybe she shouldn’t

(just an excerpt)

For something that takes all of 20 minutes, regular hair trims have a bad rap. They’re groaned at, rescheduled, or avoided entirely. Of course, put it off long enough and your hair starts to cut itself for you (split ends, anyone?). When I read Glamour’s interview with Blake Lively in this month’s issue, I thought that maybe the ideal compromise was at hand. Lively, reigning queen of my Hair Inspo board, admitted to going years without a trim. Instead, she says she braids her hair into small sections and neatly prunes the bits sticking out. Intrigued, I called up hairstylist Clyde Elezi, owner and creative director of the Drawing Room salon in New York City, to ask if this method works…

—  06/27/13

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