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Are You Too Young to Be a Silver Fox?

(just an excerpt)

…Clyde Elezi is the owner of the Drawing Room, a downtown-Manhattan salon that looks like the inside of a Virgin Atlantic cabin and specializes in – besides great haircuts – dialing back a man’s gray. Clyde explained, “The hope is that people will say, ‘What’s different?’ but they won’t know exactly.” To leave some gray, he said, is the key to avoiding that retired-ESPN-anchor look. The experience turned out to be more just-for-men than Just for Men.

There was no toxic high-school-chemistry-set odor, no gloves and Vaseline along my hairline. Rather, the color director, Alex, employed a much gentler process. The technical name for his dark-arts wizardly is “freehand gray-hair-blending” (call a few local salons that cater to men and ask if they offer it), though Alex just calls it “camouflage”. For about an hour, he hovered over my chair with a small brush, paitning individual stranfs with redken Color Camo while I answered e-maisl. Simple. When it was over, I paid my $95 and walked out feeling groovy…

—  May 2011

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