More Gray… It’s Okay!

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The Drawing Room

It’s a bit unusual, but gray hair is the new cult color trend of 2015-2016. We saw it taking the scene back in 2014 and thought perhaps it was just a trend, but the color is here to stay and is only gaining popularity.

Silver hair came into style first in mid 17th century. France’s upper crust wore scented, powdered wigs to mask the smell and appearance of bloody scalp sores […]

A New Take on a Classic Cropped Hair Cut

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The Drawing Room

Karlie Kloss recently “chopped” off her hair and it’s being shown and talked about everywhere! The young lady dove head first into a well thought out timeless style that adds modernity and spunk at the same time. It’s fresh, easy to maintain and versatile. Let it air dry for a fuller, effortless natural texture. Or smooth it out for a more sleek, refined look. We’ve added a few other looks […]

Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Week

Wed, June 1st, 2011 — Posted in Salon News and tagged as: , , , , , in our blog.

The Drawing Room

This Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Week, The Drawing Room NY joined forces with Salerm Cosmetics for work on designers’ Toni Francesc women’s collection. It was an inspiring and collaborative night working with many creative individuals in the fashion and beauty industry.
For the hair, Toni Francesc’s collection was driven by the color schemes of the, “rising Phoenix.” His desires to see the hair disheveled, untamed, and yet still feminine gave way to […]