The [Hair] Style Evolution of Jennifer Lawrence: 2013 “It” Girl

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By now everyone is familiar with the most recent popular actress Jennifer Lawrence.  She is the most sought after hilarious, down-to-earth, gorgeous style icon of 2012-2013.  Whether you know her from her smaller roles in 2007-2008 or her most recent films, The Hunger Games & Silver Linings Playbook, you will without a doubt agree with us that she has style!

What makes her an icon? Her fearlessness in choice of fashion […]

The Modern Wave Perm in NYC

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Introducing the newest craze: a perm that gives you waves!  For years perms have gotten a bad reputation for creating the infamous 80’s frizzy ringlet look and as a result people are scared to try a perm.  But we are here to rid of that bad rep and present to you the innovative ionic perm technology that will give you volume, texture and body without the frizz and fro.

Our Modern […]

Men’s Haircuts Day 2 Night

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It’s amazing, with the right haircut, how a little product can change your look drastically from day to night. Take Don Draper from Mad Men as an example. On the show, Don Draper’s hair is styled very neatly with a part to portray not only the look of that era but a clean and professional one too. Off set actor Jon Hamm wears his hair very differently. Away from the […]