How To: Use Violet Shampoo (Properly!)

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The Drawing Room

The double process, bleach and tone, platinum, bright blonde hair trend is in full effect. Over the past year we have had many clients wanting to go bleach blonde. Not just standard blonde, we are talking white, ashy, grey blonde without a hint of golden. Not only can this color be difficult to accomplish, it can be damaging and takes a lot of at-home maintenance. However, outside of the salon, the […]

Hair Myths…Busted!

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The Drawing Room

There are a lot of “hair care” myths out there, so today we want to discuss a few. Discovering the truth will help you logically combat those hair woes. Below, we will discuss the top “myths” we hear so often at our NYC hair salon in Soho.

Myth #1: You hair can “get used to” certain products.
False. If you’ve been using the same products forever and then suddenly your hair is lack luster, […]