How To: Use Violet Shampoo (Properly!)

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The Drawing Room

The double process, bleach and tone, platinum, bright blonde hair trend is in full effect. Over the past year we have had many clients wanting to go bleach blonde. Not just standard blonde, we are talking white, ashy, grey blonde without a hint of golden. Not only can this┬ácolor be difficult to accomplish, it can be damaging and takes a lot of at-home maintenance. However, outside of the salon, the […]

Olaplex Bond Multiplier

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The Drawing Room

Imagine a world where everyone had beautiful, amazing HEALTHY hair, a world that was filled with beautiful long shiny locks. Brilliant Brunettes, Vivacious Red Heads, and Power Platinum!! Well ladies and gentleman, this day has arrived!

For the past year there has been a buzz about a new wonder product. Celebrity hair colorists all over the world have been praising Olaplex. Celebrities such as the Kardashians, with there ever-changing brunette to […]