The Modern Wave Perm in NYC

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The Drawing Room

Introducing the newest craze: a perm that gives you waves!  For years perms have gotten a bad reputation for creating the infamous 80’s frizzy ringlet look and as a result people are scared to try a perm.  But we are here to rid of that bad rep and present to you the innovative ionic perm technology that will give you volume, texture and body without the frizz and fro.

Our Modern […]

Exclusive Partnership with TIGI Haircare.

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The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room New York has made the transition from special to extraordinary by collaborating with the innovative and ambitious product company, TIGI, to not only achieve the looks of today’s popular styles but to exceed the expectations of those who demand the best.  This unique and exclusive partnership places both The Drawing Room New York and TIGI in an entirely new level of caliber and virtuosity.  With the expertise […]

Great Length’s Hair Extensions in SoHo’s Best Hair Salon

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The Drawing Room

Ever wonder how all celebrities have long, thick, amazingly enviable hair? How is it fair that movie stars are beautiful, rich, AND have perfect hair? Because, just like everything in Hollywood, looks can be deceiving. Sure, there are a few natural manes still out there (Julia Roberts, Crystal Gayle). However, the overwhelming majority of celebrities use hair extensions to give their hair that extra ‘something.’
So, what’s involved in getting your […]